FrOSCon 24 & 25 August 2013 – Sankt Augustin, Germany – Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers for Perl dev-room.
FrOSCon, Sankt Augustin, Germany, 24 & 25 August 2013

University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Computer Science Department, room C125
Grantham-Allee 20, 53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany

What is FrOSCon?
FrOSCon is the Free and Open Source Conference.  A small but fun open source
conference with a lot of diversity in topics.

Why so late?
Sorry.  I should have started earlier.  I kept thinking: I still
have time to do this.  Now it is only two more weeks.
I am bad at organising things and I kept postponing it.  I am sorry.

If you want to participate and do a presentation, please send a message to:

Wendy van Dijk (email: at

Thank you. Hope to meet many of you in Sankt Augustin.


Please forward to your Perl contacts.

Taking place in the lovely city of Sankt Augustin (Germany),  FrOSCon is
a relatively small, non-commercial European event organized by and
for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source
developers a place to meet (see

Over the last years the Perl community had a small presence at
FrOSCon. For the last four years, a small group of people manned
a booth and provided information to visitors of the conference.
This year we will have a booth again, this time larger, on both days with
leaflets, buttons, stickers and Tuits.

This year we also have a Perl-devroom for two days to
strenthen the experience.  That means we will have speakers
who give presentations and workshops and small tutorials
about Perl.   The devroom will be open for attendees between
10:00 and 19:00, in room C 125.  The room itself has 20 seats,
WIFI and a VGA projector.

The conference and the location are a very nice opportunity
to promote Perl.  The room is a class-room at a technical university
so it is a good place for people who wants to pay attention to
what you are saying.  We hope you want to use the opportunity
to present your Perl project (­big or small­) or to talk about
subjects you care about. We are looking for a variety of
subjects on all levels: starter and advanced, generic and tutorial
and specialized, core internals and CPAN and Github,
Perl 5 or Perl 6 or Moe.

We have 2 days with each 9 hours time, so we have the flexibility of using
different time formats: e.g. talks of 20 minutes, more classic talks
of 40 minutes or longer (although we learned from experience that
longer talks should be split into slices of 20 or 40 minutes and have
a “Part 1” and “Part 2”).  Since the audience is not just German but
international, talks and slides should be in English.

Please don’t doubt to send a proposal, which include: information about
yourself, subject, short description and time needed. If you have several
subjects you are enthusiastic to talk about, please send alternative
proposals. In the case more than one talk is not selected, your
proposal will help us when putting the schedule together and even have
backup talks in case someone cancels. Also mention your time
constraints (if any).

Please send your talk proposal by e-mail to the address below as soon
as you read this. You will receive an answer within 2 days.
We will submit a definitive schedule on Wednesday 2013-08-21
to the FrOSCon organizers.

Please forward / distribute this call as wide as possible (certainly to
your local mongers).

NB1: This is a community event without sponsoring. We don’t have the
means to pay for your trip and time (some exceptions are possible, but
within limits). If you want to sponsor part of the event, please
feel free to contact us.

NB2: We’ll also appreciate volunteers, booth and dev-room. Please tell
us your availabilities so we can also prepare a planning for this.

About wendyga
Perl programmer Liberal politician (Dutch liberal) Atheist Business woman

2 Responses to FrOSCon 24 & 25 August 2013 – Sankt Augustin, Germany – Call for Speakers

  1. wendyga says:

    At the moment, we have a small group of speakers, each giving one or more presentations: Liz Mattijsen, Jens Rehsack, Torsten Raudssus, Renee Baecker, Karl Moens.

    Of course, we would like to have more speakers. Will you join the team? Please send me a message and tell me about you, what you want to talk about, how many minutes your talk will take, what type of talk it is (tutorial, technical, social, beginner level, expert level, etc), and your preferred title for the talk. Thanks!

  2. Ekki says:

    What is the current schedule for the Perl room? In other words: which topics have already been covered?

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