Fosdem – Perl devroom schedule 1Feb2014 and booth 1&2Feb2014

Hello all,

Fosdem, the Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting.  See all about it on

The Perl-community will be present with a big booth and a so-called devroom.  The devroom will be room K.3.201, and you can see the schedule on .
We have 11 presentations by 10 speakers.  Most talks will be 40 minutes, except for 2 of 20 minutes each, and the closing presentation will be 60 minutes.  We are quite sure the schedule will be interesting for Perl- and non-Perl-people alike.
There will be no coffee-, tea- or lunchbreaks,  Between every talk is just a short 5-minutes break.
We did have so many great proposals, even before doing a Call for Speakers, that we could fill a second day in our devroom.
We finished the schedule within the deadline, so we will be printed nicely with our schedule in the booklet that Fosdem prints.

So, everybody is more than welcome in our very own devroom at the Fosdem in Brussels on Saturday, February 1st, starting at 11:00 to 19:00.  We have a nice mix of relatively not-so-famous and some very famous Perl-developers.  Topics range from writing a novel using Perl, Unicode, an IRC-client, MoarVM for Perl 6 and more, A/B testing, asyncronous programming, LDAP, the Perl-community and last but certainly not least, an hour long overview of what you can do already with Perl 6.

That’s not all.  We have a big booth, two tables, conveniently in the same building as the devroom, on both days of Fosdem: 1 & 2 February 2014. You can find us in K building, level 2, tables 3 and 4, and next to us will be MySQL, Python, Apache OpenOffice and many more.  See for info about which communities will have a stand.
At the booth you will find the largest library of Perl-books, the big Perl camel, goodies, brochures, tuits, buttons, stickers, and quite a bit more.

See  for where the buildings are.  See  for directions on how to get to Fosdem.  Go to the Free University Brussels, Campus Solbosh, and meet 5,000 to 7,000 open source enthusiasts.

You can to contribute to our booth.  Bring brochures, job descriptions, pens, books, buttons, t-shirts, stickers, and other goodies from your company, institutation, organisation, as long as it has something to do with Perl,  Please bring that with you.  If we can use it for Perl promotion, and if there is still room on the tables, we will put it there and give it away or sell it and use the proceeds for a donation to The Perl Foundation.

Friday night is the famous Beer Event ( ) at Delirium Café (Impasse de la Fidélité 4, Brussels,  It will be enormously busy as always, with many hundreds of people.  We know that a group of at least 10 Perl Mongers will come, and some of us will try to come early and conquer our own table / corner, probably on the first floor (so not the ground floor, the one upstairs!).  Pay for your own drinks…   And don’t come too late.  Rather soon, the Delirium Café will be filled with people, and the alley it is located, and when that happens, it will be closed, and you have to wait for people to get out before you can get in.

Saturday night we want to have dinner with a large group of people at Brasserie-restaurant La Porteuse d’Eau (the waterbearer), Avenue Jean Volders 48, Brussels (see ).  We have reserved space for 30-50 people on the first floor (again, not the ground floor, but upstairs).  We have to tell the the restaurant the day before with how many people we will come.  You are welcome to register with Wendy van Dijk (wendy (at) wendy (dot) org).  Only people who have registered can join us (last year it got a bit busy, so we have to do it this way).

On Sunday, after we cleaned the booth and stored all stuff in our van, we will have dinner in Lebanese restaurant O Liban, which is on walking distance from the university: Chaussée de Vleurgat 324, Ixelles / Brussels.  We have reserved room for at least 15 people at 18:00 and later.  The restaurant normally is closed on Sunday after 16:00 hours, so they are doing us a favor.  Therefore you have to tell us that you want to join us, so please send an email to Wendy.

Many thanks to all who have talked, thought, chatted, mailed with us, who proposed a talk, who helped spread the call for talks.  Excellent cooperation!

Hope to see you Friday, Saturday, Sunday, in Brussels, Belgium.

Kind regards,

Wendy van Dijk

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Perl programmer Liberal politician (Dutch liberal) Atheist Business woman

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