The Perl-community goes to dinner during FOSDEM in Brussels – 1& 2 Feb 2014

Saturday evening, February 1, we want to have dinner with a large group of people at Brasserie-restaurant La Porteuse d’Eau (the waterbearer), Avenue Jean Volders 48, Brussels (see ). We will all be there at around 19:30. You can come earlier, but we as organisation team have to clean and store stuff.

We have reserved seats for 50 people on the first floor (not the ground floor, but upstairs). You are welcome to register with Wendy van Dijk (wendy (at) wendy (dot) org). Only people who have registered can join us (last year it got a bit busy, so we have to do it this way).

Cost will be €20-€25 for the food, plus whatever you are going to drink. There will be 4 menus:

Menu 1: € 20,65: 3 courses with Belgian specialities (starter: 3 choices; main course: 3 choices ; dessert; 2 choices)

Menu 2: € 24,55: 3 courses with Belgian specialities, a bit more special (starter: 3 choices; main course: 3 choices ; dessert; 2 choices)

Vegetarian menu: € 20,65: starter (tomatoes & mozzarella = salade caprese) ;
main course: vegetarian pasta (tagliatelle and different kind of vegetables);
dessert : apple pie or fruit salad

Vegan menu € 20,65: starter : mixed salad with salad, tomatoes, apple, green beans;
main course : lasagna of vegetables (there is no pasta, it’s only vegetables which are put as a lasagna);
dessert : fruit salad

Sunday evening, February 2, after we cleaned the booth and stored all stuff in our van, we will have dinner in Lebanese restaurant O Liban, which is on walking distance from the university: Chaussée de Vleurgat 324, Ixelles / Brussels.
(the website seems to be down)

We have reserved room for at least 15 people at 18:00 and later. The restaurant normally is closed on Sunday after 16:00 hours, so they are doing us a favor. Therefore you have to tell us that you want to join us, so please send an email to Wendy.

They have a magnificent range of foods, they have the highest praise in many reviews.

We did not go to O Liban.  I will never ever go again to O Liban.  I have sent them several emails, I called them twice.  Second time: “we agreed that we could have dinner at your restaurant on Sunday evening, even though I know your place closes at 16:00, but when I bring at least 15 people, you will stay open for us.”
“Yeah, I remember you, you came in two weeks ago, and I said maybe. You had to send me an email and you did and i read it.  But you cannot come.  We are closed Sunday evening”.
“So,  why did you not react to my emails, and why did you say nothing the first time I called?”
“Nah…””What do you mean nah?  Now I have to find another restaurant.”
“Well, nah…”
“You don’t care?”
“We will be closed.”
“Ok, bye.”

So instead of this bastard idiot SOB’s restaurant, I checked (excellent service!) for hours to find a suitable restaurant in the neighbourhood, called several restaurants and we had a very nice dinner at La Becasse ( ).  Good service, good food, lovely decorated restaurant.  Sometimes a bit chaotic service, but so very friendly.  Maybe something for next year too.

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3 Responses to The Perl-community goes to dinner during FOSDEM in Brussels – 1& 2 Feb 2014

  1. wendyga says:

    La Porteuse d’Eau

    Menu 1:
    Two salmon tartar (Tartare aux 2 saumons & toast)
    Soup of the day (Potage du jour)
    Salad with smoked ham (Petit Mesclun de salade & jambon de pays)
    Stew beef with beer & croquette potatoes
    (Carbonnade de boeuf à la Flamande & croquette de pommes de terre)
    Pangasius filet with cream sauce with wine and vegetables
    (Filet de Pangassius sauce aux petits légumes & vin blanc)
    Chicken with stragon sauce & salad
    (Filet de volaille sauce à l’estragon et salade)
    Apple tarte (Tarte aux pommes)
    Chocolat mousse (Mousse au chocolat)

  2. wendyga says:

    La Porteuse d’Eau

    Menu 2:

    Beef Carpaccio & parmesan (Carpaccio de bœuf & copeaux de parmesan)
    Soup of day (Potage du jour)
    Smoked salmon (Assiette de saumon fumé accompagné de sa garniture)
    Chicken with leeks & carrots
    (Waterzooï de volaille accompagné de pommes de terre)
    Codfish with sauce mussels & shrimp’s
    (Cabillaud nappé de sa sauce Ostendaise (crevettes & moules, bisquée))
    Rabbit thigh with beer gueuze
    (Cuisse de lapin à la gueuze)
    Apple tarte (Tarte aux pommes)
    Chocolat mousse (Mousse au chocolat)
    Fruit salad (Salade de fruits)

    Prix du menu : 24,55€ ttc/pers.

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